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Thursday, 21 April 2016

Press 'X' to Rant: Addendum to my previous rant

So recently, my dad picked up a copy of K-Zone on the basis of "It's the only place I can get the Lego polybag of Poe's X-Wing", and in that K-Zone was an article on the new Lego Star Wars game (the one that they're bringing out for The Force Awakens and the other two movies in the new trilogy). So I thought to myself "Oh, this looks interesting given my recent views on the subject. I wonder if they're going to try and break from formula or if they're just going to slap on a new coat of paint." And let me tell you, no phrase in any article that I have ever read before has leapt out at me as fast as "Did someone say third-person cover-based shooting?"

I know I've been harsh on Lego Star Wars. I take it all back. I take back everything I said about it being repetitive, or the fact that I keep stubbing my toe on the Dimensions portal. I no longer want the Lego games to break new ground if the supposed "New Ground" they're trying to break is littered with bits of damaged masonry. I thought that the games industry was mostly done with collectively beating this rotting pile of organs that at one point may have been a dead horse.

On top of that, I can't quite fathom what target audience they're trying to get in on with this move. The usual audience of 6-9 year old children probably won't be allowed to play if their parents hear it's become a third person shooter, the older kids that might pick it up have mostly had enough with moving soldiers through desert and jungle environments while occasionally sucking their thumbs as their legs grow back behind bits of wall, and the people who genuinely like third-person cover shooters will be terribly confused as to why they have to keep stopping to hold down a button next to some jumping bricks to move the plot along.

That being said, I'd like to backtrack a bit because the next phrase that leapt out at me was about how they're adding in aerial combat/dog-fighting sections with the Millenium Falcon, so I might actually try and convince Dad to go halfsies on it with me so I can review it.

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